Promotional Airtime Manager (PAM)

JWM are advocates of structuring a promotional model that takes a portfolio approach and that requires working with a mixed economy of campaign target audiences. In order to effectively manage, organize and forward plan campaign activity across the entire inventory of a broadcaster's portfolio, JWM recommend the introduction of PAM software.

This cloud based software enables all campaign activity to be held in one central place and for all stakeholders to view and report on activity as required.

What are the Benefits of PAM?

What can PAM do?

PAM is a database that holds campaign information for broadcasters, in particular the detailed media plans that are needed to ensure campaigns are planned and implemented effectively. At its heart, PAM enables broadcasters to simply manage the following:

PAM has 3 key components to help effectively manage your on-air activities on an on-going basis:

1. Promotional Model

This holds detailed information about either a campaign model that you use or a series of campaign templates that are regularly used in planning. These templates hold information regarding campaign shapes, weights, target audiences & channel mixes. The templates provide a very quick and user friendly way to create campaigns in the airtime planner for your forward planning.

2. Airtime Planner

This is the heart of PAM. The planner is an interactive forward campaign grid that allows all campaign activity across the portfolio to be viewed & managed in one place. Its major benefit is its inventory management tool - a weekly interactive planner that balances demand (campaigns) and supply (airtime), hence allowing the user to easily identify weeks with over or under demand and adjust their forward planning accordingly.
It also enables the simple management of campaigns across multiple target audiences into one broad audience for inventory management – a task that can be very time consuming for media planners. Alongside this, it can be used as an implementation tool, giving weekly, or even daily, campaign rating targets in multiple audiences and the channel split across the campaign.
The airtime planner has filters that enable only relevant information to be displayed, depending on the user needs. Where needed, the airtime planner can also record information about other marketing activities within a campaign, i.e. off-air activity, web activity, as well as information about creative timelengths and campaign owners.

3. Reporting

PAM allows for flexible reporting either visually on-screen, print/save as a PDF or export to Excel. The reporting may be used to create make lists, use as a promo scheduling guide, as well as monitor and track how a broadcaster’s most important marketing resource is being used. There are currently 2 types of reports:

Inventory Management Report

Report showing proportion of promotional support by genre / channel / priority level and audience group. It allows marketing to get an easy to view graphical picture of the total promotional support across a period. It also enables a user to monitor levels of cross promotion on a channel.

Airtime/ Campaign Detail Report

A report giving the campaign plans for all campaigns that fall under the parameters specified by the user. E.g. All campaigns running ON XTV in weeks 40 and 41 (useful for channel planners as they are responsible for delivering all activity on their channel, both host & cross promotion). E.g. All campaigns FOR XTV in October (useful for makelist meetings) E.g. All drama campaigns across the Autumn (useful for marketing planning)

Where does PAM fit within the On Air Marketing Process?

  1. Content & Marketing Strategy
  2. PAM – Planning Tool - Allows a broadcaster to forward plan and manage airtime demand and supply. Operates at a single channel and portfolio level
  3. Broadcast Scheduling System - Implements campaign at a single spot level (i.e. Techedge Optimiser, What’s On, Provis, Vision)

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To download the latest PAM user guide please click the link: PAM USER GUIDE (7MB)

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