What people say about us

"Even though I had heard good things from other business contacts about JWM's expertise, we at DR never anticipated the clarity of thinking, allied to the detailed promotional model that they formulated for us across our portfolio of TV, radio and digital- some 16 services in total. Their work for us using their ARR process has allowed us to rethink our whole on air marketing approach which should ensure that both our airtime and creative resource is used both effectively and efficiently and at the same time helping to fulfil our key business needs".

Carsten Lakner, Head of Media Planning & Digital Development DR (Denmark)

“I tasked JWM to review A+E Networks UK promotional strategy and implementation across the EMEA region looking to drive ROI around the world by maximising the effectiveness of our inventory. The recommendations range from the introduction of time saving systems, more streamlined and effective processes and essential structural changes to deliver the recommended prioritisation model. The money I invested in JWM’s ARR service will deliver exponential savings for our business across the globe.”

Anna Priest, VP MarComms, A+E Networks UK (EMEA)

“JWM has helped us revise the way we use our airtime and has given us practical advice in how to improve our promotional campaigns and how to maximise our airtime even for territories where we cover multiple markets and don’t have ratings information available. They have given us plenty of creative ideas of how to increase audiences over varying time periods and have also suggested ways of working more effectively with other departments. Their training course has been extremely useful to my whole team and colleagues from other disciplines with which we work.”

Chloe Askwith, Director of Programming and Presentation, Turner Broadcasting (EMEA)

“When we were looking to review the look, feel & dynamics of our on-air marketing across the whole SVT portfolio we instantly thought of James&Wilkinson Media as they had already carried out a successful analysis of our promotional airtime leading to greater efficiency of its use .

The experience and expertise that Alan and Jo have given us has been a catalyst for change within SVT, they are never fearful to challenge traditional thinking and ingrained processes, or to make us realise what really is possible as we move towards implementation.”

David Rydell, Project Manager, Communications. SVT (Sweden)

“We have consistently been impressed with the training that JWM have delivered to my team from the basics of promotions planning through to more strategic thinking. Their breadth of experiences from the world of broadcast Media Planning ensures the training is delivered in an open and engaging way and has resulted in a boost in the teams’ ability to manage campaigns and confidence in dealing with internal stakeholders. Furthermore, by bringing in Jo & Alan, with their credentials, it shows the commitment that we have to investing in our staff and in return makes the team feel valued.”

Holly McArthur, Head of Media Planning. ITV (UK)

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What people say about us

“ The money I invested in JWM’s ARR service will deliver exponential savings for our business across the globe.”

Anna Priest, VP MarComms, A+E Networks UK (EMEA)