Broadcast Promotional Strategy

Service benefits:

As the world of broadcast media continues to evolve at an ever increasing pace and costs come under closer scrutiny, it is critical that companies make maximum use of their own much demanded resources. On-air promotional airtime, although free of charge, has a huge opportunity cost associated with it, often running to tens or hundreds of millions of €/$ per annum.

Failure to make the best use of this airtime leads to ineffective promotional strategy. This impacts upon the ability of broadcasters to maximise their marketing potential and fulfil both their audience requirements and company objectives; both short-term and further in the future.

Inefficiencies will also occur as sub-optimal use of promotional space will result in unnecessary creative production demands.

Our ARR service; through Audit, Review and Recommend; will give your promotional capability a health check, produce a tailored promotional model & ensure that any inefficiency is minimised and effectiveness of resource increased.

Audit of Promotional Inventory



This is not an exhaustive list but it is likely that key recommendations to deliver that full potential will fall under the following:

Prioritisation & Promotional Model

Promotional Process

What works well and how could the process work better both locally and internationally? – Drawing on understanding the pros and cons of how many other broadcast organisations are structured and the processes that they use.

The above will be presented to key stakeholders to gain buy-in to any revised airtime model and recommended changes to the on-air marketing process.

Digital, VOD & OTT Promo Strategy

Promotional Airtime Manager (PAM)

Training, Facilitation & Recruitment

Training workshops equipping staff at all levels with the strategies and tools to realise the true potential of their on-air marketing. Providing support to broadcasters going through an internal re-organisation.