Digital and VOD Promotional Strategy

A diverse range of Digital, VOD and OTT projects to grow consumption of non-linear platforms. There are many challenges broadcasters often face when building a digital promotional strategy integrated within the goals of the business. These could include:

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Introducing Indicia

JWM and Indicia working in partnership, data, analytics and technology Consultancy - Bringing together broadcast marketing and content prioritisation expertise, with proven experience with big data analytics and insight, to effectively influence consumer behavior.

A summary of the key services are:



To read more about how digital disruption can be embraced within your organisation, please check out our recent opinion piece below, written by Jo Wilkinson:

Digital Disruption - A blessing not a Curse

For more information about Indicia please see website below:

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Broadcast Promotional Strategy

Promotional Airtime Manager (PAM)

Training, Facilitation & Recruitment

Training workshops equipping staff at all levels with the strategies and tools to realise the true potential of their on-air marketing. Providing support to broadcasters going through an internal re-organisation.