Training, Facilitation & Recruitment

Service benefits:

There is a lack of training in the broadcast market that is tailored specifically to the unique challenges that marketing strategy of broadcast promotion and its implementation provides. James&Wilkinson Media offer workshops intended to plug this gap with training specifically tailored to staff in all roles and at all levels whose roles include on-air marketing whether from a strategic or an implementation perspective.

We aim to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge, understanding and tools to create strategic, highly effective promotional campaigns within their organization or to implement them as relevant.

This service introduces commercial media planning practice into an organisation whilst maintaining editorial compliance and responsibility.

Possible subjects include:


JWM offer advice on recruitment of media planning teams, including:

We have experience with large multi national broadcasters in this capacity over the last few years as they have gone through an internal restructure of their media planning teams so are fully equipped to work with broadcasters of any size.

Broadcast Promotional Strategy

Promotional Airtime Manager (PAM)

Digital, VOD & OTT Promo Strategy

A diverse range of Digital, VOD and OTT projects to grow consumption of non-linear platforms.