What we do

Our core services are outlined below but we will tailor a service to each broadcaster’s individual need, which may well extend beyond the services listed. Why not drop us a line with your business challenge to see if we can help you develop an effective solution?

Broadcast Promotional Strategy

Maximising the Efficiency & Effectiveness of your owned, earned and paid for media resource.

Forumlation of robust strategy and a promotional model to best fulfil short and long term business goals.

Digital, VOD & OTT Promotional Strategy

A diverse range of Digital, VOD and OTT projects to grow consumption of non-linear platforms:

Planning & Inventory Management Software (PAM)

PAM logo

Planning software, designed and developed by JWM, to aid inventory management and promotional planning.

Training & Recruitment

Specific broadcast training workshops equipping staff at all levels with the strategies and tools to realise the true potential of their on-air marketing.

Providing support to broadcasters going through an internal re-organisation and supporting their recruitment in to media planning teams.